Building with a passion to create exceptional spaces and remarkable experiences. We aim to bring our consumers’ dreams to life, whether that means creating communities with a true sense of place, belonging and connectivity, or a facility that provides state-of-the-art functionality. Our goal is to exceed customers’ high expectations and deliver on our core purpose – Quality. Vision. Value. ​


Projects that will improve the quality of the surrounding community. ​


Buildings that will have a positive impact on the residents​. We combine form and function with our creative vision and quality touch to design properties that maximize value for the user, promotes a sense of community and enhances the experience and environment for our customers. We approach each project as an opportunity to create imaginative and an end user functional space that is essential to the location, the market and the community.


We build enduring and innovative projects with our ability to both execute and maintain projects for long-term value. As developers, we dig deeper by always asking, Why? Our detailed and comprehensive approach is our commitment to understanding each project from a deep, purpose-driven perspective which ensures every detail contributes to the goal of success.​

We enhance every community we build in. Helping communities grow and thrive for now and the future.


Kam is the founder and chief executive officer of Ace Point Properties. Kam’s entrepreneurial success has allowed him to identify profitable opportunities in emerging real estate markets and engage in relationship building. He is well-known for his ability to build and manage teams effectively and his leadership skills, commitment, focus, and determination.

Within five years after entering the real estate industry, Kam founded Ace Point Properties with a mission of fostering thriving communities. His business has expanded from constructing two single-family homes to acquiring over 10 acres of land valued at millions of dollars and developing multiple residential and commercial projects. ​​

Ace Point Properties has grown substantially, and we will never lose sight of the education, support, and motivation provided by so many wonderful friends, family members, business partners, and coworkers with whom we continue to work.