Welcome to ACE

At Ace Point Properties, we are passionate about creating exceptional & uncompromising spaces and delivering remarkable experiences. With over 5 years of dedication, we turn our clients’ dreams into reality by designing vibrant communities that promotes connection and inclusion.

Our Mission

High quality buildings that combines form and function with innovation and progressive design elements that maximizes value to the user. Each project is designed to make a difference in the location.

Imagine a living space that encompasses technology, functionality, modern aesthetics, multi-purpose living and design details. We build it for you.

We believe in community living and make it happen in every project. Our projects are designed to promote communities in their happy living.

Founder & CEO

Kam is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ace Point Properties, where his entrepreneurial spirit drives strategic growth in the real estate sector. Known for his effective team leadership and strong relationships, Kam has expanded Ace Point Properties from building two homes to developing multiple residential and commercial projects across valuable land totalling over 10 acres.

In just five years in the industry, Kam has led Ace Point Properties to become a respected developer committed to creating inclusive communities. He credits this success to the support and collaboration of trusted friends, family, business partners, and dedicated team members who share in the company’s vision and values.